The BNCS requires 1000 hours of supervised internships to satisfy state licensing laws in all states that require nutrition licensing and to obtain the CNS credential.

Most schools offer virtual clinic hours now, which will give you around 250 CNS hours upfront.

We offer hours a la arte and recommend taking a maximum of 500 hours with us plus looking for an in-person practitioner in your town to finish off the remaining hours in a real-world practice setting. That is a recommendation. You are certainly welcome to take any hours you need with us.

The reason is that as broad as our program is, you will still learn different approaches from different practitioners and a get a feel of how to run a practice in the real-world, which can only benefit you.

Even if you make negative experiences with your local practitioners, those can be helpful too. At least then you know how not to practice, what is going on in your area and what we advanced nutrition professionals actually have to offer.

If you can not find a local practitioner, you are welcome to join us in our practices in Redlands, Claremont or Palm Desert in southern California situated east of Los Angeles. We offer a sleeper couch but would recommend to airbnb if you want to stay for more than a couple of days…