How it works

On-line: We meet every two weeks on Saturdays (or Sundays) through zoom.

Each participant is asked to bring at least one “client”, but we also have a pool of free nutrition clinic clients. This could be you, your relative or an actual client.

We assess, design interventions and monitor clients through zoom and meet in-between to discuss topics of importance and present our own cases.

On-Site: Our practice is located in the cities of Redlands, Claremont and Palm Desert in Southern California. Here we see all kinds of clients. We specialize on Nutritional Genomics and Precision Nutrition, Environmental and Botanical Medicine, complex clients as well as Lifestyle optimization and Emotional Wellness, as well as complicated conditions, but we don’t turn anybody away, unless they are in an acute situation requiring medical attention.

On-site we offer many options and a deeper dive into the life of an advanced nutrition practice. Marketing, research and other topics are woven into the online aspect as well but much more available on-site.